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Post  Brad on Sat Dec 26, 2009 3:49 pm

*You WILL NOT be able to donate RS accounts for staff.

-To even donate them they must have high combat level and stats.
-No recoveries or e-mail registered to them.

Donate to my paypal:

Copy and paste it so you don't misspell it.

-When donating by PayPal. Make a thread and post in this format. Do NOT forget to take a picture of the completed transaction.


Username donating for:
Amount Donated:

We will discuss your reward. You donate 25$ for Mod & 50$ for Administrator.
Other things like items will be discussed upon donating.

Ags & Bgs = 10$
Party Hat Set = 20$
H'ween Mask Set = 15$
Combat Cape = 5$
Mystery Boxes = 3$ each

All sales are final. No re-collecting or you will be breaking the terms of this agreement. Thank you for reading.


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