Team Brutality - - Pure Clan - - 75-99 Cmb Only - - [b]Leader ( Colby_Jr )[/b]

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Team Brutality - - Pure Clan - - 75-99 Cmb Only - - [b]Leader ( Colby_Jr )[/b]

Post  Colby_Jr on Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:15 am

Well, this is a pure only clan but i'll make the exception for others as long as they meet the requirements.


Please post stats and i will decide to accept you or not.

Combat level?

Money:: king

You need to be able to risk every now and then for CLAN WARS or just regular CLAN trips.

Put how much money you have in this area. ( insert money here )

Recommendations ::

Ventrilo ( found at is a very helpful tool when it comes to Pking.
This is a system used to talk to friends over the Ventrilo System.
Please try to get a mic and download Ventrilo then PM me ( Colby_Jr) ingame for the info such as IP and Port # for Vent.

Finally, Thanks for signing up have fun ingame and Hopefully you make it into the CLAN.


..::Colby_Jr::.. (),.....,() lol!


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